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Screen Printing in Phoenix, AZ:

Screen Printing Company in Phoenix, AZ
We are Anthem Print, and we are your source for phoenix screen printing and custom t-shirt printing. If your looking for quality custom printed t-shirts, business cards, or banners, look no further! We are proud to serve all of Phoenix, Arizona, and appreciate your desire to shop local.

Our team is dedicated to Screen Printing with efficiency, quality, and have fun doing it. Our screen printing presses are capable of producing hundreds of shirts each hour, resulting in FAST turnaround times for screen printing t-shirts in Phoenix. Each and every shirt is inspected for quality 2-3 times throughout screen printing production. We can screen print almost anything starting from low quantities of 24+.

On our way to being the #1 T-Shirt Screen Printing Shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

Each year, we jump closer and closer to our goal of being the #1 Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing Shop in Phoenix, Arizona. Anthem Print works diligently at providing our customers with the utmost quality and the best service for t shirt screen printing.  We specialize in old-fashion, hand printed methods.  No automated machines, just experienced printers doing what they love.  Pricing for custom t-shirts in Phoenix is important and we strive to be competitive with our t shirt screen printing prices. Our custom t-shirt printing shop is located in Phoenix, Arizona and we offer FREE local delivery and FREE nationwide shipping as well as many other custom printing services.

Achieving the perfect screen printed t-shirt is an art form in itself.  We start with high quality artwork that is inspected by hand, select the proper screen, and pair the setup with a careful proprietary blend of ink for a high quality custom screen printed t-shirt that lasts each and every wear.

The beginning of each order is laser-focused on the artwork.  We spent hours each day inspected each design looking for any potential areas of concern that may arise later in the screen printing process.  We make it a point to ensure that each and every custom t-shirt order is produced with high-quality artwork and leaves our doors looking the best.  After design, we select a screen with proper sized mesh thread to ensure every detail is printed on your custom t-shirts with sharp, crisp lines.  Once the order is properly setup, we custom blend our proprietary formula of ink to the exact color shade.  Our proprietary screen printing ink formula leaves a smooth, soft finished product that is sure to please the eye!  Each custom t-shirt is hand-printed in Phoenix Arizona by our expert printers with decades of hands-on experience.

How do I choose a custom t-shirt screen printing shop?Choosing a Custom T-Shirt Printer in Phoenix

Although it may be intimidating at first, choosing a custom t-shirt printing shop is broken down into simple steps.  Some factors to consider are quality, turnaround time, price, and method. Anthem Print is dedicated to a hand-printed, manual screen printing method, allowing our team to personally inspect each and every shirt as often as 3 different times by multiple pairs of eyes — this is exactly how we earned our reputation for quality.  We strive to complete orders in days NOT weeks!  Turnaround time is important, especially when you have a deadline for an event.  Every custom t-shirt printer is different and there is not a “one-size-fits-all” shop, contrary to what our competitors may lead you to believe.

In addition to our quality, turnaround, and competitive t-shirt printing prices, we offer in-house design services by experience graphic artists.  We do not “send out” your design needs to outside contracted designers — we ARE the designers.  We recommend you reach out to multiple t-shirt screen printing shops, compare prices, and ensure that the key factors are checked off for the winning shop.

We are local, located in Phoenix, Arizona.  We invite you to visit us, face-to-face, and see why we stand out from the competition.  If you’re not located in the Phoenix area, we are available by phone, email, and chat right here on our website!

Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing in Phoenix, AZ

There is an art to printing. At Anthem Print, our team has spent their entire lives perfecting the techniques and learning the technology necessary to make sure that each of our clients are able to create the custom prints and designs necessary for their business or personal needs.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, our team provides a variety of custom prints for a variety of products, and we’re more than ready to assist you with whatever ideas you have envisioned. For more information about any of our Phoenix custom printing services, please do not hesitate to call us today at (623) 299-8899.

Our Custom Printing Services at Anthem Print

We’re a full service printing company, offering a range of unique and interesting products for commercial and private use. If you have any printing need, chances are we can provide it. Below, you’ll find some of our most popular services in Arizona, and please feel free to contact us at any time if you’re looking for something new.

Custom T-Shirt Printing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Custom t-shirt printing is our specialty. We began as a small t-shirt printing company in Phoenix with a passion for high quality shirt design long before we expanded to be a full service printing, and it remains one of our most popular and highly regarded services. We provide:

  • T-Shirt Printing – Our belief is that great t-shirts have a quality you can feel, not only with the shirt material, but also the print. T-shirts are meant to be worn. We make sure that each print is carefully placed on the shirt by trained printing experts.
  • T-Shirt Design – We also make it easy to design a t-shirt with the ability to coordinate with any of our staff. We know how important every t-shirt is, so we make it easy to order and design the shirts that you want most.

T-Shirts are one of our many services, but we began as a shirt printing company, and it remains one of our passions here at Anthem Print.

Our Business Printing Products and Services in Phoenix, AZ

Throughout Phoenix, business printing remains one of the best ways to make sure your brand, message, and deals get out there. We can help you create it, with services that include:

  • Business Card Printing – We handle projects both large and small, and you can’t get much smaller than business cards. We print custom business cards with a great look and feel, to help you and your staff network and get noticed.
  • Custom Business Printing We can create essentially any type of print, whether it’s posters, apparel, reports and documents, signs, or something else. There is little we can’t create, and little we can’t print on.

We’ve worked with countless Phoenix businesses to create any prints that they need, with special emphasis on style and function. Whether you’re branding, marketing, networking, reporting, or decorating, our team is the perfect choice for business printing companies in Phoenix.

Our Promotional Printing Services in Phoenix, AZ

We are also highly regarded in the promotional printing world, creating trade show products and other branded giveaways for those that need them. Our services include:

  • Promotional Products – We can print on thousands of different products, including magnets, auto-accessories, boxes, tote bags, beer glasses, and so much more.
  • Promotional Apparel – Apparel is one of our specialties, and we can print not only on t-shirts, but also on pants, socks, polos, sweaters (and yes, even underwear).

The quality and care that our printers place into each project will reflect positively on your brand, and our vast array of product choices means that you have nearly any promotional product you need to spread the word.

Custom Banners Printing in Phoenix, AZ

Banner printing requires special care. Not only are these large scale prints so fragile, but they also require a level of attention to color and quality in order to property showcase the brand or message. At Anthem Print in Phoenix, we can provide:

  • Vinyl Banner Printing – Vinyl banners are the most common type of banner sign. Printing on these banners requires a very specialized skillset – one that understands how to work with vinyl material, and create a banner that effectively promotes your brand.
  • Custom Banner Printing – We also can provide custom banner printing, for those that need a special type of print. From fabric banners to paper banners, to banner stands and other large format printing, our team can make sure your banner printing in Phoenix is the best available.

Our banners are made with high quality materials, and each one of our prints is high definition and ready to be seen.

Custom Sign Printing in Phoenix, AZ

We also provide custom signage. Our sign printing services combine affordability with experience, as our team can create everything from small decals to billboards.

  • Signage Design – We know how important signage is to your brand. We’ll make designing your sign easy, and help to ensure that you can create whatever custom signage you may need.
  • Sign Printing – Once your design is ready, our custom sign printers go to work. With years of signage related experience, our team can make sure that your print looks exactly as you envisioned.

At Anthem Print, our goal is to go the extra mile to make sure you have the exact print that you need. We now carry specialty inks as well, including Glitter, Discharge, Metallic, Puff-additive, glow-in-the-dark, and we can embroider, add gold leaf, foil, and so much more.

No matter your print, let our Phoenix printers be there to help. Click here or call us today at (623) 299-8899 to get started.

Custom T-Shirts in PhoenixQuality and service. That’s what you get when you partner with Anthem Print. We are a team of printing experts that genuinely love to create and print the highest quality designs, in numerous custom styles, all while you receive our best quality service. That’s what you get with all of our printing options, including our flagship product – our custom t-shirts in Phoenix, Arizona.

We are a local supplier of t-shirt design and printing services in Phoenix, creating all types of fun, imaginative, unique, and groundbreaking designs for local entrepreneurs, designers, businesses, and hobbyists. Every time we receive a call from someone in Phoenix looking for a new custom t-shirt design, our team of printing experts gets to work to deliver you perfectly printed shirts each and every time.

Why Printed T-Shirts are the Best Marketing Tool

Our friends over at BELLA+CANVAS said it best in a recent shirt article:

Everyone wears T-shirts. It’s that simple. If you choose to put your brand on a T-shirt, and one person wears that tee outside of his house, any interaction he gets becomes an impression. His shirt now becomes a walking advertisement for your brand that has spread to new places and new people you didn’t even know you could reach. Those who wear the shirt become a brand ambassador for you. And the best part? All that advertising is free.

Take a look at this article and more to learn what makes the BELLA+CANVAS shirt so soft!

Our Custom T-Shirt Services in Phoenix

At Anthem Print, we focus on quality. Our business started off creating custom t-shirts for the local Arizona community. We know how many t-shirt printing companies are out there already, but our goal is to be something different. We focus on the technical aspect of t-shirt printing, and what it takes to create a shirt that people want to wear and be noticed.

Our staff is equally committed to this purpose, and we have a developed team that understands not only the design and printing elements of custom t-shirts, but also the best way to develop that high quality feel that makes each t-shirt something that speaks proudly of your idea or business.

Service You Can Trust

We take the time to understand your design and its placement, and take into account the aesthetics of the piece and how it is going to be used. We also have several custom t-shirt design options, including:

If you have any questions about your design or your custom t-shirt needs, our team is here to help make sure your custom printing looks its absolute best.Custom Shirt Printing by Anthem Print

We are proud to be the local source for custom t-shirts in Phoenix, Arizona, and we’d love to talk to you more about any of your design or print needs. Please give us a call today at (623) 299-8899, and let’s turn your t-shirt vision into a reality.